Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Improvements & New Stuff (Also I Got A Birthday Cake)

I'm a bit behind with this post so there's a chance you may have already seen this on my Facebook or Twitter but...

I ordered some new boxes last week and...

I think they look amazing! I had such a hard time finding appropriate boxes to package my jewellery in so now that I've found the perfect box, I'm just so happy I have to spam my new pictures everywhere.

Although they are a little big for packaging single charms... But that's totally okay because I have cute little bags for those.

Also you may or may not have noticed that the Halloween bracelet and little octopus charms are new to my shop. There's plenty more to come so keep an eye out!

Which brings me to my final point for today. I'm working on improving my shop, products, photos, and everything really that I possibly can this week since I'm probably going to take a break from my shop this weekend as I have quite a few plans!

One more thing... It's my Birthday on Saturday (I'm turning 20) and I just got a really awesome cake! You're never too old to get exited about Birthday cake...!

Anyway that's all so...

See you next time!

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