Wednesday, 20 March 2013

New Photography Setup - Yay!

Hey hey!
I said this last time too, but it feels like it's been ages since I last posted.

Although a week isn't really that long... right?

Anyway the reason this time is because I've had quite a few orders at my Etsy shop this week and I've been having fun making those. I also made extras so I now have several cute mini creature armies in my kitchen...

What fun!

Oh and something else!
I was actually going to write about this last time but I totally forgot.

I happened to stumble across this on ebay a while back, and seeing how it was much better than my current 'desk light shining on an a4 sheet of white paper stuck to a coffee jar in my kitchen' setup, I decided to buy it.

I feel all professional now when I take my photos! Haha...

Okay, I have a bunch of cute cows to make so I better get started on that.

And I love feedback so pelase do leave comments and suggestions, etc.

Until next time,

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Rock Buns for Mother's Day

Welcome to the first time I post about food on my blog!

Erm... anyway...

I totally forgot about this so it's a few days late now, but I'm gonna go ahead and post it anyway!
I just wanted to share these delicious rock buns I baked for Mother's Day!

I was thinking about making another batch later today, which is what reminded me to post this in the firts palce...

Anyway here they are!

And another! You can see them better in this one, although it looks a little messy...
Who wants to spend time making them look beautiful anyway when you could be eating them instead!

The one in the middle was squashed anyway...

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I've Been Pinning!

I'm sure most people know about Pinterest already but if not...

It's basically a fun website for collecting and organizing the things you love.
Here's an example of a few of my boards on there:

If you're on Pinterest, I'd be super happy if you check out my page!
Also please do recommend me some people to follow!

Happy Pinning!

Monday, 4 March 2013

I've Been Doing Amigurumi!

So ike I said in my last post, this one is going to be about something a bit different than the usual.
Because I've been doing some Amigurumi!

To start off, I decided to try and make one of my favourite polymer clay creations, amigurumi style.
Here's how it's looking so far!

I'm actually quite pleased with how he's coming along!
Naturally he's going to look a little different fromt the original polymer clay chickens, but I think he looks just as good, if not better. (Sorry little guys...)

All he needs is a body, wings, some legs and a tail and he'll be good to go!
What am I going to do with him once he's finished though?  Any ideas?

Thanks for reading!

St Patricks Day Charms & Jewellery

*creeps in*

It feels like it's been quite a while since I've been here.
I had quite the week last week; I was so busy, I never slept, I ate loads of junk. Yeah it was fun!
However I've been dying to get some work done the whole time, so I'm releived to be able to get back to normality this week!

Well almost...

It seems I've become nocturnal... oops.


For anyone who actually reads these, I have an update! Yaaaay!
I know I already posted these when they were still just mere clay blobs before I popped them in the oven, but I have now added the finished product to Etsy!

  Behold! A Shamrock Jewellery Set and A Leprechaun Hat Charm

Now that that's done, I have something a little different in store in the next post so keep an eye out!