Friday, 3 April 2015

Polymer Clay Winnie The Pooh & Friends!

I know I said I would probably do a huge Etsy shop update, but I really wanted to share a couple of things I made recently that aren't listed on Etsy.

(Also, I'm sure if anyone is interested in seeing all the stuff listed in my Etsy shop, they would just head there instead, am I right? :p)

Anyway, on to the pictures!
I have to admit, I'm not necessarily a huge fan of Winnie the Pooh, but once I'm inspired to make something...

They are very different from the jewellery and charms I've always made, but I absolutely loved making them! So much so that I've had a complete re-think about the direction I want to take my work and my Etsy shop.

Quite a step from miniatures, charms and jewellery, these figures I made are a couple of inches tall. (And I felt like I was using up a hell of a lot of clay...!!)

Winnie The Pooh Set

Tigger Set

Piglet Set

All of them have been hand sculpted by me out of FIMO polymer clay, and oven-baked to solidity. I used tiny microbeads for Pooh and Tigger's eyes, but even they were a little bit too big for my piglets, so his are made out of clay too.

Okay so, obviously I haven't made an Eeyore yet, but I've been so busy working on getting my Etsy shop re-opened, adding more listings,  and working on custom orders, that I haven't had the chance just yet.

I look forward to completing the foursome though! :)

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