Wednesday, 20 March 2013

New Photography Setup - Yay!

Hey hey!
I said this last time too, but it feels like it's been ages since I last posted.

Although a week isn't really that long... right?

Anyway the reason this time is because I've had quite a few orders at my Etsy shop this week and I've been having fun making those. I also made extras so I now have several cute mini creature armies in my kitchen...

What fun!

Oh and something else!
I was actually going to write about this last time but I totally forgot.

I happened to stumble across this on ebay a while back, and seeing how it was much better than my current 'desk light shining on an a4 sheet of white paper stuck to a coffee jar in my kitchen' setup, I decided to buy it.

I feel all professional now when I take my photos! Haha...

Okay, I have a bunch of cute cows to make so I better get started on that.

And I love feedback so pelase do leave comments and suggestions, etc.

Until next time,

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